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Shroggs Park


On 22nd November 1872, Colonel Edward Akroyd, a leading business man and benefactor, promised to build Shrogg’s Park in Halifax.

A great contrast from the eye catching scenery you can see today, the site was a rough, irregular piece of waste land, entirely barren at one end and at the other, thickly covered with dwarf oak scrub, from which the Park gained its name, and pieces of rock.

Now though, the park offers stunning flower beds, a pleasant walk through the nature trail, crown green bowls, sports facilities including a 5 a side pitch and basket ball court and a couple of parks.

Colonel Akroyd’s plans almost came to nothing when the proposed Midland Railway scheme intended to build a line through part of what is now the Park. During a committee meeting of the House of Commons, Akroyd gave evidence of the measures he had undertaken so far and of his intention to provide a place for cricket, bowls, croquet, archery and other games.

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On 25th June 1879, Colonel Akroyd handed the partially completed park over to the Halifax Corporation for the benefit of the town.

These days, the park is home to a number of events such as the annual Shroggs Party in the Park and more recently set up, the Halifax Park Run which is a FREE 5km timed run held in the park every Saturday.

Work to improve Shroggs Park is always going on with Calderdale Council parks team and the continued efforts from Lee Mount Primary School Junior Wardens and the Friends of Shroggs Park Group.

If you are interested in being part of the recently constituted Friends of Shroggs Park Group to share your ideas and help improve the park and facilities, call Tony King or Dan Marham on 0300 555 0266 for information and dates of future meetings.