Shelf and District Community Group – Shelf Hall Park Update July 2016

Children’s Playground

We have gained a Small Grant from Calderdale Council and have received many donations and sponsorships from schools, scout group, individuals and local businesses within our community in order to buy some new, age appropriate play equipment for Shelf Hall Park.

We thank everyone who has donated for their generous contributions. Unfortunately our bid for £42,000 from a Landfill Trust was unsuccessful so we are now focusing on improving the playground with the funds raised locally.

We have raised more than £10,000 and working in partnership with Calderdale Council are adding a Toddler Multi Unit, Play Boards and Tarmac Graphics to the playground. Implementation will begin in summer so look out for the grand opening date, come along and enjoy the fun.

Wild Flower Meadow

Committee members attended a meeting in Shibden Park in November during which the Grow Wild project was explained by Calderdale Council’s Communities and Service team. The project, primarily to encourage wildlife, is now underway in Shelf Hall Park. The grass has been killed, the areas will be rotivated to enable the wild flowers to grow and a notice has been placed in the project area to explain what is happening. A committee member has been following the process with interest and will be assisting in the seed sowing.

Website and facebook presence

We have a new Shelf & District Community Group website which is now live take a look here.

In addition we have a facebook presence currently attracting 283 members.

Both the website and the facebook group are a way of informing you about what’s going on in Shelf and District so please visit both and if you wish, use them to communicate with us.

In addition we have a Newsletter which we will distribute monthly, giving an ‘at a glance’ flavour of what’s currently going on.