Friends of Roils Head – Annual General Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the Friends of Roils Head Group Annual General Meeting and the General Meeting that followed held on Saturday 20 January 2018 at Grace Baptist Church are now available to view online.

Click here to view the minutes from the meeting.

Discussions included dog bins, disabled access to footpaths, catering vans etc.

The next meeting will be held Saturday 21 April, 10:00am-12:00pm at Grace Baptist Church.


Friends of Roils Head – Upcoming AGM and minutes of last meeting

Join the Friends of Roils Head Group at their AGM to discuss Future Priorities and a report from the recent Tree Planting Activity –  Friends of Roils Head upcoming AGM Agenda

Saturday 20 January 2018 – 10am
At Grace Baptist Church, Roils Head Road, HX2 0LH.

If you missed the last meeting you can read the last minutes online here.

Buy a Park a Tree

Nature lovers in Calderdale now have the chance to buy a new tree to be planted in a Calderdale park or green space.

Calderdale Council’s new ‘buy a park a tree’ scheme gives individuals, groups or businesses the chance to sponsor a tree of their choice.

The trees in many of Calderdale’s parks are getting to the end of their natural lifespan. Some have also been damaged in storms or have had to be removed due to disease or for safety reasons. Over fifty new trees have been planted in one of Calderdale’s parks in a previous scheme started six years ago but with the help of sponsors, Calderdale Council is aiming to extend the scheme to the rest of the borough with a target of 100 trees to be planted between November 2017 and February 2018.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities, Cllr Susan Press, said:

Our trees are well loved and really important for our environment. It’s always sad when trees have to be removed due to damage or disease and our ‘buy a park a tree’ scheme will help us to replace many of the trees we’ve unfortunately lost.

“With the generous help of sponsors alongside our own planting schemes, we can ensure than there are plentiful trees for future generations to enjoy in our parks or green spaces.

Each tree will cost £100, which includes planting and securing the tree. There’s a list of varieties to choose from and trees can be planted in most of the parks and recreation areas in Calderdale. A certificate will be issued to each sponsor to keep as a record of their generous help.

For more information and a list of available trees, visit and search for ‘buy a park a tree’. The first orders will be placed at the end of September ready for planting in November.

If you could display a poster about the scheme it can be downloaded here.

Friends of Roils Head – General Meeting minutes

The minutes from the Friends of Roils Head Group general meeting held on Saturday 22 July 2017 at Grace Baptist Church are now available to view online.

Click here to view the minutes from the meeting

Discussions included a possible extension to the children’s play area, the Local Plan and future priorities such as the Local Nature Reserve.

The next meeting will be held after the consultation period for The Local Plan has closed (September or early October).

Updates from the Friends of Roils Head (FoRH)

See below, some of the main actions and upcoming events in place since the Friends of Roils Head AGM.

Woodland Trust
Tree pack application, some great news, the FoRH have been successful in its application for a large Wildlife (420 saplings) pack. This pack will be winging its way to us in November 2017!

Litter Picking – Rye Lane Entrance, Roils Head Moor
The clean up was a success! A number of people turned up (around 8 – 10) on Friday the 7th April 2017. The volunteers litter picked until all the bags were full. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it and help out.

Changing Rooms –Demolished
These have now been demolished by the Council (March / April 2017).

Local Nature Reserve – Roils Head Moor?
K Reid contacted the Halifax Scientific Society (HSS) to see if they could help with detailed habitat mapping and a botanical survey of the moor. K Reid met and walked the moor for over an hour with Steve Blacksmith (Chair – HSS). The moor has wildlife and nature that are typical of Calderdale. Unfortunately the Society is unable to help us, there are no unusual or rare species we have come across (so far…!) and their members are busy with their own projects and areas of interest.

K Reid also attended Cromwell Bottom (Local Nature Reserve) on a Practical Day where he helped out and spoke to the people there about their group and how they do things at the reserve.

Warley Community Association – Dog Show
This has been put on hold for now. Realistically if an event does take place, then it is more than likely to be next year in 2018.

Open Spaces Society
Bernard French has applied on behalf of the FoRH to join the society. Since joining B French has been
in touch in regards to the Legal Rights – Roils Head Moor. The Open Spaces Society is Britain’s oldest
national conservation body, founded in 1865.They campaign for stronger protection for commons,
greens and paths and greater opportunities for everyone to enjoy them. Defend open spaces against
loss from development and assist local communities to safeguard their green spaces for themselves
and future generations.

The Local Plan
At the moment the timeline, on the Council website, is for the 6 week long consultation on the Draft
Local Plan to commence on the 30 June 2017 and end on the 11 August 2017. The publication of the
Local Plan for representations is January 2018.

Next General Meeting
The next General Meeting will be held as soon as we hear anything further on the Council Local Plan or at members request if they require one at any time sooner.

Roils Head Moor – Wildlife Species List – Updated 28 May

With the help of CMBC Countryside Officer Chris Sutcliffe, the Friends of Roils Head Group have produced an up to date wildlife report on the various species of animal’s, tree’s and other amazing things you can find there.

Rabbits, roe deer, kestrels and owls are just a few of the things you could see!

Click here for a full list updated on Saturday 28 May 2016